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One World, Many Voices

One World, Many Voices is a new project by Educated Minds. We aim to create a range of resources to be used in the classroom, dedicated to showcasing the work and voices of black people and other marginalised groups.

The project begins with Holly-Marie Cato, a freelance photographer and filmmaker. Blending a passion for travel, community and street photography, Cato seeks out authentic stories across the world and in her city of London, always leading from human narratives over picturesque views that can be reproduced the world over. Cato places a higher value in sharing the extraordinary stories of the people she meets. Her work has seen her travel the globe from Nicaragua to Mumbai, forging connections with grassroots-based charities, to partnering with international brands.

Holly-Marie has kindly allowed Educated Minds to use her beautiful photography to create English Language resources that can be used for lesson, homework or revision activities.

Follow Holly-Marie Cato on Twitter (@HMCato) and Instagram (h_cato)

Download Resources:

One World, Many Voices- Holly Marie Cato
Download • 18.86MB


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