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#EduTwitter's Top Tips for Planning a Lesson

Teachers share their advice on how to plan a successful lesson.

Planning lessons has always been something I've enjoyed and one of the main things I love about the job. However, planning a lesson can be difficult and time-consuming, especially for new teachers.

I remember being an NQT and spending hours and hours planning just one lesson. I thought it was important to showcase my creative skills every single time and cram in lots of fun activities to engage the students. It took a while to learn that less is more and focusing on learning outcomes in the lesson and beyond was more important than anything else.

I wanted to write a blog giving my advice to new teachers to help them avoid the same mistakes. I soon changed my mind after posing the question on Twitter. Sometimes I forget there is so much knowledge and expertise to be shared on #edutwitter, so I wanted to share the advice of great teachers instead.

Here are some top tips from #edutwitter about how to plan a successful lesson.


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